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I am a fully qualified human and horse therapist, having completed (ITEC) Holistic Massage (based on the traditional Swedish Massage techniques) followed by (IIST) Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Massage, using these skills I became qualified as a Equine Massage Therapy with Equi-Therapy, I am also a  MMCp Masterson Method Intergrated Performance Massage Practioner, completed courses in Acupressure, Myofascial release, Kinesiology taping for horses, TT wrapping, Physio Pod deep tissue oscillation and infra red light therapy, fascial edge application, ultrasound and laser treatments;  all combined with aftercare exercises for horses to maintain strength and suppleness.  I endeavour to adapt each treatment according to the horses individual needs, and I am always happy to discuss your performance concerns and work in conjunction with other therapists and vets and trainers.  


If I am unable to help I have met and worked along side some fantastic people who may be able to guide you with a number of areas such as behavioural worries, self selection of natural remedies, chiropractors, and natural horsemanship trainers who I am happy to recommend.


I have been riding for many years, initially competing in one day events and hunter trials but discovered the wonders of endurance in 2006.  I have a strong belief that everyone should enjoy the benefits of tension release and have a sense of well being, which also includes our beloved horses.


The horse and rider combination can be a close bond; and to ensure both horse and rider are performing at their highest potential level a little intervention may be needed.  All top athletes include massage as a regular part of their training routine to ensure they are in optimum condition, help prevent injury during training and competition and improve stamina, skill, strength, suppleness and speed.


Whether you're involved in competitive or recreational riding, you want to improve your current performance, or feel it would improve your horses well being, a treatment will help you achieve your goal.  I encompass a number of techniques and adapt each treatment to meet each individuals needs.

Tel: 07714 333284

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